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What the Right Side of the Brain Controls

What Does the Right Side of the Brain Control?

The human brain contains two hemispheres that govern different functions. Popular culture often oversimplifies this division as logic versus creativity. However, the right brain hemisphere controls far more sophisticated processes crucial for daily life.What the right side of the brain controls?

This post explores the wide-ranging roles and responsibilities of the right cerebral hemisphere. It highlights key cognitive domains, motor skills, personality influences, and more under right brain jurisdiction. Appreciating this complexity sheds light on human behavior and thought processes.

what the right side of the brain controls

Visual-Spatial Intelligence

What the right side of the brain controls?The right brain hemisphere specializes in visual-spatial information processing. It interprets and constructs comprehensive mental images, maps, patterns, and representations of the world. This aptitude for spatial reasoning and perception manifests in various ways:

Visual Navigation
The right parietal lobe maintains a visual map of surrounding spaces for navigation. It allows envisioning objects’ locations and orientations in reference to oneself.

Facial Recognition
Right parietal regions orchestrate perceiving upright faces holistically as complete compositions versus deconstructing each feature independently.

Spatial Working Memory
The right hemisphere stores visual details of scenes or objects in immediate short-term working memory banks.

Art and Design Aptitudes
Right-lateralized networks enable visualizing complex shapes and forms, understanding perspective, and mentally manipulating 3D figures.

Without global right brain processing of images, patterns, maps and scenes, humans would struggle virtually navigating environments or rendering visual concepts into reality.

Creativity and Abstract Thought

Beyond just visual-spatial skills, the right hemisphere governs higher-order divergent thinking abilities too. What the right side of the brain controls?These abstract reasoning talents allow imagining novel, nonliteral possibilities versus simply analyzing facts.

The right parietal regions drive conceptualizing innovative, open-ended ideas through creative visualization. Surrounding cortical areas generate intuitive insights, symbolic thought processes, and complex mental associations across separate contexts.

This abstract conceptualization fuels imagination, intuition, philosophical thought, and metaphoric interpretation. It counterbalances the left brain’s concrete literalism with more fluid, free-flowing ideation. Individuals with superior right brain connectivity often exhibit exceptional creative capacity across domains.

what the right side of the brain controls

Emotional Intelligence

What the right side of the brain controls?The right hemisphere shoulders substantial responsibility for emotional experience and processing. Various regions coordinate recognizing facial expressions, interpreting emotional cues, and problem-solving through emotions.

Right frontal areas generate gut feelings and physiological emotional responses. Ventral sectors understand emotional prosody like vocal tones and inflections. Somatosensory cortices map physical sensations associated with moods.

However, the right hemisphere doesn’t simply trigger emotions. Key nodes regulate comprehending emotional states, empathizing with others, and using emotion cues for social interactions. This emotional intelligence guides interpersonal communication and behavior.

Without right brain facilitation, emotions would seem foreign and disconnected from external events. People would struggle sensing others’ feelings or reacting appropriately during social discourse.

Motor Skills and Movement

Controlling physical movement represents another major job for the right hemisphere.What the right side of the brain controls? Two regions critically oversee different aspects of mobility and dexterity:

Right Parietal Lobe
This area perceives the physical relationship between one’s body and the external environment. It maps personal and extrapersonal spaces for safe mobility.

Right Premotor Cortex
This zone plans and executes smooth, coordinated movements based on environmental cues. It sequences the steps required for complex motor actions.

While both hemispheres cooperate during movement patterns, the right brain hemisphere governs visuospatial awareness of body positioning and surroundings. It contextualizes movement contingencies based on one’s current environment and circumstances.

Without right brain integration, humans would bump into objects constantly. Simple physical tasks like getting dressed, walking across rooms, or operating machinery would become extremely challenging.

what the right side of the brain controls

Language Comprehension

Despite associations as the “non-verbal” hemisphere, the right brain absolutely contributes to language comprehension. It just differs versus the left brain’s literal word processing strengths.

The right hemisphere interprets linguistic inflections, humorous undertones, metaphorical phrases, and situational ambiguity. It derives meaning from context, tone, and nonliteral communication cues.

For example, the right temporal lobe detects conversational prosody – subtle intonations conveying sarcasm, irony or exaggerations. Prefrontal territories comprehend multiple layers of meaning, drawing inferences beyond surface information.

Additionally, the right hemisphere better grasps narrative comprehension, complex discourse interpretations, and processing semantic relationships between words. Its global perspective integrates subtext with literal vocabulary meanings.

While often overlooked, right lateralized language faculties allow nuanced communication expressions beyond literal dictionary definitions. They foster pragmatic understanding of abstract concepts and figurative speech.

Decision Making and Risk Analysis

The right hemisphere governs decision-making in various ways too. Right parietal and frontal regions evaluate potential risks, rewards, and consequences to future events.

This risk analysis coaches appropriate responses to uncertainty and hazard appraisal. Networks in the right anterior cingulate cortex detect errors or violations of expectation prompting caution.

Furthermore, the right ventromedial prefrontal cortex biases individuals towards ambiguity or risk aversion tendencies – a key personality influence. Propensity towards risky reward-seeking versus conservative behavior arises here.

Essentially, the right hemisphere counterbalances the left’s tendency for rigid, predictable responses. It considers unexpected variables and uncertainties before spontaneously reacting. This aspect aids avoiding rash judgments or ignoring dangers.

Artistic and Musical Talents

Many scientific investigations reinforce connections between heightened right brain activity and enhanced creative output. The right hemisphere’s dominance over divergent thought fuels greater success in disciplines like:

Musical Ability
The right temporal regions interpret pitch inflections, melodies, and tonal patterns giving music emotional depth. Sensorimotor networks enable coordinated fine motor rhythm and musical expression.

Artistic Talents
Aforementioned visual-spatial skills like perspective taking, conceptual creativity, and artistic rendering stem from robust right-lateralized connectivity.

Poetry and Literature
Comprehending metaphoric imagery, symbolism, and literary abstraction relies heavily on right hemisphere semantic processing areas.

Of course, innate abilities and training also shape artistic talents significantly. But research consistently links right brain specialization with expertise across creative and performing arts domains.

what the right side of the brain controls

Personality Traits and Behaviors

Beyond its cognitive functions, the right hemisphere appears closely tied to certain personality characteristics and dispositions. Some examples include:

Emotional Expression and Empathy
Greater right hemisphere involvement correlates with more emotionally expressive, socially perceptive traits. These individuals prove more empathetic and insightful about others’ internal emotional states.

Spirituality and Religiosity
Tendencies towards spiritual sensibilities, mystical ideation, and religiosity associate with enhanced right prefrontal activity and aim connectivity.

Impulsivity and Risk Taking
As covered previously, right hemisphere dominance often inclines people towards increased spontaneity, risk-tolerant decision-making, and reacting quickly versus restraint.

Political Liberalism
Intriguingly, numerous neuroimaging studies link liberal political orientations with greater prefrontal and anterior cingulate right-sided gray matter volumes compared to conservatives.

Ultimately, no single network dictates personalities entirely. But the right hemisphere’s integration of emotion comprehension, spatial visualization, creativity, and impulsivity likely contributes to these inclinations.

The Right Brain’s Massive Influence

What initially seems like the brain’s “non-verbal” hemisphere holds enormous sway across human consciousness and behavior. Far from confined to visual processing, the right cerebrum governs indispensable aptitudes:

Processing visual-spatial information and mapping environments
Generating creative ideas and interpreting abstract concepts
Discerning social-emotional cues and relationship dynamics
Coordinating complex visually-guided movement sequences
Weighing ambiguity, risks, and decision making contingencies
Comprehending language pragmatics beyond literal meaning

Essentially, the right brain provides context, perspective, and insight into the world around us. Converging these insights with the left brain’s more discrete logic unleashes our full conscious capacities.

The right hemisphere’s specializations illuminate why language deficits, inability reading emotions, and physical dysfunctions frequently accompany right-sided brain injuries. They rob individuals of crucial environmental awareness needed navigating the world.

From art galleries to cognitive science labs, researchers continually unearth new revelations about the right hemisphere’s influence. Appreciating its control over outward expression, creativity, contextual reasoning and more sheds light on the breadth of human experience.

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